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Saturday, 4 May 2013

NHC MUSIC Single Review: The Cosmonauts – If You Wanna Leave - John McKellar

Edinburgh indie-rock powerhouse The Cosmonauts have recorded and released the follow-up to their must-hear 2012 self-titled debut album. The band's first ever single, 'If You Wanna Leave' hit iTunes this past Monday, April 29th and Hellfire has heard it. Read on for the verdict...

Louder and crisper than anything on the album, 'If You Wanna Leave' is an explosive experience that clocking in at just 121 seconds in length feels almost disappointing in its briefness. Intricately organised chaos, it is so well composed and excellently performed, with a superior mix to The Cosmonauts that really lets the guitar especially erupt to life in ways last year's LP often felt lacking, that it leaves the listener wanting more. Claire Schiavone's cello enchantingly caresses the rest of the instrumentation on the song while the drums of Marc Burn keep a frenetic pace from beginning to end. The bass of Alan Robertson is no less extraordinary on this single than it was on the band's previous work. This is a desirable outcome to say the least, as the bass work on last year's effort was my personal favourite facet of the LP. Chris Bryce, lead vocalist and guitarist in the band has upped his game with 'If You Wanna Leave' and only goes from strength to strength both as a singer and a guitar player.  Overall, it is a superb song. The Cosmonauts only continue to astound!
One gripe I have is that I would still have expected more from them and a two minute, one second long single rather than the originally planned follow-up EP is something of a let-down after the thrill ride that was The Cosmonauts. Despite this, however I recommend hitting up iTunes and purchasing 'If You Wanna Leave'. Some of you won't be surprised that as a fan of the band I give the single a massive thumbs up. More Cosmonauts is never enough though and a full EP would've been preferable, even if it meant a longer wait.


 Gig    Pivo Pivo, 24/05/13
With special guests; ColumbiaInvited To GoThe Face On The MoonAcumen and Codename

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