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Monday, 5 November 2012

Black And White Boy Review

Another day at Hellfire, and another new batch of EP's and Albums from the fantastic bands on our walls and blog are sitting on the floor by the door, just waiting to be listened to and reviewed! Our first eagerly opened brown paper envelope this morning, contained the new 4-Track EP from Glasgow band Black And White Boy, and damn, are we glad we got to it first! (Not just because it's awesome, but also because it's perfect music for an easy going, and relaxing Sunday morning spent suffering a nasty hangover.)

Black And White Boy are a breath of fresh air for the Glasgow music scene, mixing catchy, and free flowing melodies with well written, crisp and often poignant vocals. This is well written folk-rock at it's best, it's easy to tune into and hard to forget and comparisons to great singer songwriters such as Elliot Smith are easily heard, but there's also a touch of the (albeit more sedate) Mercury Rev vocals on there too. First track on the album (Fifteen) and also Track 3. (Hide) have to be the best of the bunch for me, and they are perfect vehicles for displaying the amazing song writing skills and vocal ability of the singer. There's also a hell of a lot of heart and soul that's went into these tracks, each one seems to be very much a labour of love for the writer, and that's very evident from the get-go on this fantastic EP. Poetry set to music could be an apt description! Track 2. (In The Dark) steps up a bit from the first song, and there's a catchier hook on the chorus here as well than there is on tracks 1 and 3, but in my personal opinion this was the weakest of the four, not because it's a bad song or anything, none of them are! I just think it's on a different mood level for someone with a splitting hangover head and this one, for me anyway, is so different from the other three that it could easily be someone else's favourite track of the bunch, rather than their least favourite. Track 4. ends it all rather nicely with some smooth guitars and a vibrant, warm and mellow, yet strangely swinging, melody set to some more of those fantastic vocals. The hangover is still here, but it's a lot easier to handle when I have tunes like this to share it with! (Although the lyrics regarding 'spinning rooms' in the last track set me back a little bit...)

All in all an excellent addition to our EP collection, and we have three of them here, so will be giving a couple of them away on our page this week. While yer waiting though, you should definitely take a visit to Black And White Boy's Facebook page and chill there for a while-as there's no better way to sooth your shitty day!

Black And White Boy On Facebook


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