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Thursday, 3 May 2012

What I Did Last Night In Pivo, With 4Day Weekend, The Glo0p, The Cosmonauts, Will Johnstone and The Gastric Band - Part One


Is what I would have shouted if I had won my football coupon that morning. Considering 50p, bet on 10 teams, was going to get me a massive 22grand though, that looked highly fucking unlikely. So although the above statement looks like a great start to the day, it's actually a complete fabrication. The coupon got rolled up into a ball and the cat got to play with it for a while as I gazed out of my window into the sun, lamenting the loss of 22grand that I never had in the first place and let's face it, am unlikely ever to see. Probably for the best really, if I had access to large sums of free cash my enjoyment, and lifespan, would no doubt be very short indeed.

Tonight in Pivo Pivo was a night I had looked forward to for some time. I'm already a big fan of The Cosmonauts and was looking forward to seeing them play live again, especially on my own home turf and the rest of the line up, including the always great 4Day Weekend were just the icing on an already fine cake. Before I got to them though we had some other belters to take to the stage, and first up on this Hellfire night was the excellently titled Gastric Band. A crash-bang-wallop mix of old school punk and frantic rock, with some big band influences thrown into the pot as well. I don't say that solely because there was a trumpet in the musical mix (which I have to admit, I frickin loved), I say it because the whole thing had a certain swing to it that defined some of those big band songs of the forties and fifties, just a lot heavier and with more balls! This musical mash-up more than just 'worked well', it was absolutely inspired and a perfect way to start a hellfire night. I would certainly go see these guys again wherever they play. On a single negative point though, the patter between songs was pretty shite, but maybe that's just my personal sense of humour...

Next up on the bill was Will Johnstone, or The Corvus Experiment/Rook (not sure what the title is!). A single talented musician armed with a guitar. Blasting out gutsy, honest and well written self penned songs, mixed with some reworkings of classic and popular tunes, Will has a particularly powerful voice which is well suited to the choice of tunes he was belting out. I can safely say he more than done enough to keep the crowd entertained throughout his set. I realised he was up against it from the start right enough, as the bar area through the wall were playing the Champions League semi final between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid and this spectacle of football had garnered as much of a crowd as we had at the stage side of the bar. I stayed to watch the act on the stage rather than on the screen though and I'm glad I did as I enjoyed Mr. Johnstone's set thoroughly. Let's face it, as I touched on above, my coupon was gubbed anyway.

Third up after Will was the always entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable four-piece that is The Cosmonauts. I have spoken highly of this Edinburgh band on both this blog and the hellfire page before, and they are in certainly well established in my top three bands on our listings, so there's not really a lot I can add to my already gushing appraisals of them without sounding like I have been paid off in some way, perhaps in sweeties and cake (money is so passe these days so hellfire only accepts sweet goods, or human souls in lieu of a great review). I will say this though...as per usual...they were really frickin good! Once again they played an absolute blinder and the assembled Pivo patrons showed their riotous admiration after every tune. Each song was perfectly crafted and displayed onstage for all to see and after another awesome live showing from them I can only say that I'm both truly glad...and honoured, to have snapped these guys up for a hellfire gig before one of the big guys snaps them up to one of the major labels. I can see it coming soon so mark my words. These guys will be HUGE. On a lighter note, I thoroughly enjoyed my cameraman having a hard time trying to get a good picture of Mz. Schiavone with her electric Cello clamped between her legs, without it looking either risque or mildly pornographic. Good on him for staying professional throughout as I giggled like a schoolkid who'd just found bits of a nudie magazine in a hedge.

I always did have an immature sense of humour though. Bravo Mr. Hellfire, Bravo...


Part Two Tomorrow.

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  1. So THAT's what was wrong with you!? Ah well, if our esteemed in-house photographer ever does go down that route, who better to start with than Mz. Schiavone. She is, after all, stunning.

    Just saying....