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Monday, 16 January 2012

Red Aura Unsigned Artist Spotlight

Red Aura is one of those artists that are very hard to pigeon-hole into one specific genre, in what rack would you put a Red Aura CD in the shops? I honestly have no idea, but after taking some quiet time to listen to her new Troubled Mind 4 Track EP, I have to say I really enjoyed it, even though I still feel  my laptop speakers did it no justice at all with respect to its all consuming, mood changing tracks that quite honestly make the frickin' hairs stand up on the nape of your neck...that can only be a good thing!

The first track on the EP is called Anger's Silence and this is the one I personally felt was the weaker of the four tracks, but once you start on the Troubled Mind Trilogy you're suddenly wrenched from normality by these strange, ghostly works, and you feel your mind start to wander through the haunting whispers and gently teasing guitar work. Make no mistake, this is not a normal EP, nor can it just be lazily classed as throw-away pop-art either, no, this is a labour of love by Red Aura herself. If I was forced to describe it in some way, I would have to say that in my humble opinion, this is what actual feelings would sound like if you could directly print them onto a disc for everyone else to hear. There's beauty in there yes,  but there's also some sadness, and darkness, and chaos, because these are the things that make us human.

Open your mind a little...and let Red Aura inside...You won't be disappointed!

The Official Line...

Red Aura is a musician who likes to create atmospheric music.
She likes to describe her music as noise, and the genre as dark ambient/experimental.
She's also the vocalist and lyricist of the band 'Inside You'.

Here is our Q&A session with the girl herself!

If you could choose one band or musician that has influenced your own music the most, who would it be and why?

Steven Wilson is my hero and my biggest influence when it comes to music. I can't say that my music sounds like his-I think the feelings that you get from his music and mine are similar, not so much the sound or style.

If you were only allowed to listen to one album for a whole year, what album would you choose and why?

I've actually done that, when Raised By Swans released their second album 'No Ghostless Place' in 2010. All i listened for almost a year. The reason is because first you start to know the album, then you fall in love with it and then you're in a relationship with it. You get attached and bonded. And later on you break up. But you still listen to it because it feels like your first love.

If you weren't a musician, what else do you think you would be doing instead?

I was actually a make-up artist! I think I'd keep doing that if i wasn't working on so many different music projects!

What would you say is one of the main things that sets you apart from the current crop of musicians out there?

My sound. My noise. It's unique. You don't often get women creating that kind of dark atmospheric music. They don't drag you into depression by their sound but mostly by moaning all the time-haha!

A lot of unsigned musicians these days seem to be hung up on what 'image' they should portray onstage and in the media, do you find that a bands/musicians particular style or image is important for them to progress?

That is a very good question. I'm actually experimenting on that one. As you've noticed you can't see my whole face or body in any of my pictures on my facebook page. Reason is i want the people who like my music to like it because of what it is. Not because of what i look like, and the opposite. I hate it when certain so called musicians make big careers because they're pretty, or great musicians being rejected because they are not attractive. Be yourselves and stop caring about your looks and style all the time. Your clothes and hair don't make you a better musician.

Tell us a little bit of your musician's lifestyle, is it all drink, drugs and rock n' roll, or is it more volvic water and nutra-grain bars.

Haha I don't drink and I've quit smoking. I love to cook and I'm against junk food (even though I love it!). I like to know what's in my food :P

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  1. Perfect description..... "what feelings would sound like". I have no doubt she is beautiful ....inside & out. She is honest, vanguard. Her humility makes me want more. Cheers to Red Aura.
    Jennifer N

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